How Can One Start A Career as a Makeup Artist?

Becoming a makeup artist is not a difficult task. It doesn’t require a great deal of education but it does demand some development of skills and having a creative eye. To get started in this career the interested individual should seek out the proper courses in makeup application. There is a great deal to learn however if one has an interest in this they will find the learning process to be most enjoyable.

The Learning Process

The learning process includes many different segments. Students must learn the basics of the skin. They have to be able to discern the different skin tones as this helps them with their makeup choices. It is important that the student is able to grasp the concept of warm and cool skin tones. Once the basics are learnt then a great deal of time is spent on developing makeup application techniques. There are many different looks that can be created with makeup. For example, there is the day look, the night look or the natural look just to name a few.

Picking a Specialty

Before choosing a makeup artistry specialiy the student really should build up some experience. This can be done by offering makeup services through a beauty salon. The majority of makeup applications done in this setting is for special events like weddings or parties.

Once the makeup artist has gained some experience with general makeup application they then may want to increase their education and specialize in some of the other types of makeup applications. These can include….

  • Bridal Makeup
  • Makeup for Television, Movies and Theatre
  • Photography Makeup
  • Special Effects Makeup

Anyone of these specialties in makeup can provide a full time career for those that are interested. All of them take time to master. It takes work to break into the various industries as a makeup artist. It is well worth the effort.

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