Makeup Artistry and Weddings

One area where makeup artists like to specialize in is wedding makeup artistry. There are a lot of good reasons why this is a great choice.

Lots of clients

No matter what area the makeup artist services there is bound to be lots of weddings taking place. It used to be that this was more seasonal. Now there are ample weddings taking place throughout the entire year and almost any day of the week.


Wedding makeup artistry also comes with some flexibility. Some choose to offer their services strictly through a beauty salon. This means that the clients come to this location for the makeup applications. Other artists choose to work on their own. Some will go to the bride’s location and perform their services there.

Additional Services

The wedding makeup artist is not just restricted to doing makeup for the bride. Often the entire wedding party requires makeup application. Included in this may be the Mothers of the bride and groom. Plenty of time has to be allotted when there are several makeup applications being done at the same time. In some cases it may be necessary to take a makeup assistant along with you.

It often isn’t just the wedding day that requires makeup sessions. Many bride and grooms want to extend this special occasion with photo shoots of the engagement. When doing so they want the makeup to be perfect for this too.

Fill In Services

If the wedding makeup services are not enough to keep you as busy as you like you may want to think about photography makeup which can be related to the type of makeup applications you are performing.

There is no doubt that just specializing in wedding makeup artistry can create a good income. However, there are expenses that are incurred with this so pricing has to be well thought out.

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