Photography Makeup and the Makeup Artist

If you have chosen to become a photography makeup artist then you have chosen a specialty within the makeup field that can be very busy. It does require some specialized skills that you will need to perfect.

Makeup looks totally different in photographs and the look that you will need to achieve will depend on whether it is going to be black-and-white photography or coloured, or even portrait.

One of the important aspects about this type of makeup is making sure that you are using the right tools. The priority tools are going to be your brushes and applicators. The three main brushes you’re going to need are going to be your powder brush and overall face brush, as well as the lip brush.

Your choice of makeup will also have to be something that you pay close attention to. You do not want a thick makeup although the makeup application in most cases will normally have to be heavier when it comes to photography. This is because the camera captures the look of the makeup differently then what it looks like naturally.

The camera tends to catch all of the flaws in the subject being photographed. This means that you as the makeup artist is going to have to take extra care in making sure that these flaws are concealed as efficiently as possible.

Another focus of your attention should be on making sure that all of the makeup is properly blended, as sharp lines will create a unwanted contrast in the overall look.

Another area of concern when it comes to photography makeup is making sure that there is no sheen or shine to it. You want a matte look. If the makeup is too glossy then it will create a glare in the photos.

The more experienced you become with photography makeup the faster you will become at completing the required looks.

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