Specializing in Makeup Artistry for Television and Movies

If you have gotten your experience as a general makeup artist you may now be ready to branch in to one of the makeup artistry specialties. One that can offer a very lucrative and rewarding career is makeup artistry for television, movies and theatre.

Once you branch into this specialty you are going to find that there are different categories within it.

Makeup Assistant

When you first break into the entertainment industry as a makeup artist you will have to pay your dues by becoming a makeup Assistant. When taking on this role you will not be responsible for the actual makeup application in most cases. You will be there to assist the general makeup artists and will probably get the opportunity to do touch ups in between scenes or sets. As you build up your experience and reputation you will be setting yourself up to climb up the career ladder to the next level.

General Makeup Artist

Taking on this position in this industry means that you will be applying the makeup to the actors and actresses. The type of makeup will be dictated by the role that the entertainer is playing.

Key Makeup Artist

This is an advanced role in the entertainment industry when it comes to the makeup requirements. You will have the added responsibility for running the entire makeup department, which means that you will have to design the makeup for the role that the actors and actresses will be taking on. You will also have the task of making sure that there are enough general makeup artists on hand and they are fulfilling their duties.

If this is a career that it appeals to you you can even take it a step further and become a special effects makeup artist. This is a totally different category then the positions that have been discussed here so far.

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